What is Montana174?

Montana174 is a large communication campaign designed to guide you, citizens and actors living in the European mountains, across the numerous opportunities offered by the Cohesion Policy and to give you all the tools for success to make use of these funds in mountain areas.

Why Montana174?

Mountains cover nearly 29% of EU-27 countries and 13% of its population.

Mountain regions are sensibly different from all other territories, both in terms of assets and challenges. Because of this, the European Union decided that a “particular attention shall be paid to […] mountain regions” (Article 174 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union), by funding specific projects and programmes in mountain areas.

Cohesion Policy is a European policy which, with the collaboration of regional authorities, makes it possible to rebalance territorial inequalities and to encourage regional development. However, mountain citizens and actors are too often unaware of what the Cohesion Policy supports in mountain areas.


Do you know how the Cohesion Policy affect your life every day? Are you ready to make use of these opportunities for launching your own idea, project or initiative in your mountain

Then, browse this website to learn:

  • Concrete examples on how and where the Cohesion Policy has an impact on your daily life in mountains
  • How the Cohesion Policy can support your project and mountain community

We help you to acquire the correct skills and knowledge to benefit from these funds in your mountain region! 

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